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This blog exists to have constructive and at times challenging dialogue over various issues within Mormonism from an evangelical Christian perspective,

This of course has been said numerous times over the years by people from a number of different perspectives, and most importantly with a number of different approaches,

There are what i would consider some bad examplImage result for general conference protesterses of people seeking dialogue with Mormons, and while we will not always get it right at this blog, its my desire that we will always uphold the following values at all time when writing posts and dialoguing with people on this blog.


  1.  We will always remember that we are addressing issues that are deeply significant to people of the Mormon faith, and while we are being critical, we will address issues how we would like it to be addressed if people were being critical of our faith.
  2. We will apply the same standards to Mormonism that we would apply to our own faith.
  3. We wont make claims about Mormonism without backing them up.


More to come, this page is a work in progress.



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