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Lynn Wilder and Corey Miller on Unbelievable?


For years now my favourite podcast (and I love podcasts) by far has been Unbelievable? On Premier Radio hosted by Justin Brierley. This show has non Christians dialoguing with Christians every week, and also in-house debates among Christians.

For a few weeks I have been looking forward to this episode going live, ex Mormon’s Lynn Wilder and Corey Miller talking about their reasons for leaving Mormonism to become evangelical Christians, and their new book on the subject, with UK-based active Mormon James Holt.

James also went on this show with Bill Mckeever a couple of years ago, you can see that here.

You can catch the audio for the discussion here, this is well worth a listen, you can also catch the episodes I did on this show a few years ago here and here.

I think it’s hard in this format to really dig into the big issues, and some are glossed over a little due to time, however towards the end the dialogue between Corey and James I thought was pretty interesting on the subject of subjectivity.

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