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Mormonism – Shadow Or Reality?


I have been wondering where I am going to go next in this blog, in the past I have had a structure of articles usually theologically focused, following some kind of theme or Mormon teaching book.

This is good but has a lot of commitment in terms of writing long articles and can take away the fun of being spontaneous. I think from now on I am just going to write about whatever I am learning about or reading about in Mormonism, or just anything Mormon related that gets my attention, I think that is actually called blogging haha. However I will keep the general conference reviews going as I love that as a way to keep in touch with up to date Mormon teaching.

The reason I named this Blog, “The Blog of Mormon” was so that I have the freedom to write about anything Mormon related, not just matters relevant to me being an Evangelical Christian, wanting to communicate the true gospel as I see it to Mormons, though of course that is not going away, but not every article will be totally focused on that, I am generally interested in all things Mormonism, and not always just to say how untrue it is, though that is not going away either.

So anyway I have started reading the classic work by Jerald and Sandra Tanner , which is Mormonism: Shadow Or Reality?. I think this was originally written in the 1960’s and is a condensation of lots of the work done by the Tanners around that time.

I am of course very late in reading this, but I have heard it mentioned so much recently that I thought it was time to pick up the copy I have had on the shelf for years.

Long before there was the internet, and ministries like mine, there was Utah Lighthouse Ministry. From its inception to today you could always get Sandra Tanner on the phone just by calling them. Jerald sadly passed away in 2006.

Because of their long standing work in being critical of Mormonism they have been very much demonized by Mormon members and apologists alike, the problem is that whenever people make contact, they speak to a very friendly lady called Sandra who is not at all pushy and just helpful, which has disarmed many people to what she is saying. Meeting Sandra on my mission trips to Utah was a massive high point.

Image result for mormon stories sandra tannerAnyway finally on Sandra Tanner, she was interviewed in the last few years on the Mormon Stories podcast, you can find all 4 parts here, this interview is amazing and goes right through her story, I cant recommend it enough. I think its the most important interview regarding Mormonism and Christianity ever.

My target is to finish Shadow or Reality by the end of the year, which may be tough for me as its about 600 pages long but I will have a go, as I am reading I am planning to post a few articles along the way as topics grab my attention.

A lot of what I post about, Ill be honest will have many posts and articles about it elsewhere, however my intention is simply to get some conversation and fresh awareness going on some issues, many of which may be new to me as well.

Look forward to your comments, and thanks for reading.


Grant Palmer on Mormon Stories Again

This is a very quick post just to give a massive recommendation to an interview I just finished listening too.

This link is for the recent Mormon Stories podcast with Grant Palmer who resigned from the LDS church knowing he would be excommunicated due to him writing the book pictured above His book an insiders view of Mormon Origins  one of the most to the point and clear books you will find on the realitys of Mormon History. Palmer wrote this as a member and church authorities were not happy at all about what he revealed.

In the interview with John Dehlin linked to above he reveals the story of William Law and Joseph Smiths dealings with him, this is probably the most hard hitting expose on Joseph Smith I have heard, I cannot recommend it enough. Palmer is inspiring as He has retained his faith in Christ while managing to not in anyway become a part of the evangelical “Anti-Mormon” crowd that so often are easily ignored by LDS Apologists and members, Palmer wants truth and states it without an axe to grind about the Mormon Church.

Feel free to discuss your thoughts on it here.

Top 10 Mormon Problems.

The above is a video I have recently come across looking in some depth at the 10 most significant historical problems in the Mormon Church’s claim to be the one true Church in the world, well worth a watch.