Utah Trip, 2015, Days 3 to 6


Well, our Utah trip is moving quickly, I imagined doing more updates than this but its all been a bit busy and a lot of fun. On Saturday (20th), we had the daytime free and then met up with some LDS guys for dinner. Both of them had served missions in the UK, and had a number of discussions with Christians when they were over, It was a great discussion, and a great chance to build and develop relationships, please pray for Todd and Ryan.

 On that evening we went to a BYU “Soccer” game with an LDS friend called Robbie, im no football fan (as it is properly called of course) but it was fun.

Then on Sunday we went to Mountain View Baptist Church on the morning, for this meeting “Adams Road Band” which consists of various ex-Mormons were playing and sharing their story. I had seen stuff on youtube before but never heard the full thing like this. They have an amazing testimony of God saving multiple people as a result of one Mormon Missionary being challenged by a Baptist minister, really worth looking these guys up.

That afternoon we spent time with Mark Cares,  and others from his ministry “Truth In Love to Mormons”. This was a training session in preparation for the day of outreach we were doing in Provo the next day.  

On monday, we went out with the team from this ministry and knocked doors in the Provo area. From what I have heard Provo is by far the most LDS populated city in Utah, and has also been found to be the least evangelised city in the whole of the USA. So this was challenging but great fun, we had a number of conversations with people while we simply shared a message of grace. Many people had done LDS missions and so were comfortable with the idea of speaking to people about faith at the door. 

Finally for now we drove down to Spanish Fork and met up with Matthew and Chandra Anderson. They run a ministry called “Plant Utah”, which is the beginnings of what they hope to be a Church Planting network right across Utah. They have moved into quite a small neighborhood area and are just building relationships with their neighbours. As well as this they are doing a number of great things helping people get out of the Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saint (FLDS) movement. Also this guy has quite a crazy beard.

Ok and finally for now we get to what has probably been the high point of the trip for me so far. That evening we went to the recording of the “Mormon Expression Podcast”. This is an Ex-Mormon podcast that generally comes from a secular perspective. While I do not agree with a lot of what is said I have always found it to be a fun source of great information and views. I had wanted to go and sit in the audience on past trips and it never worked out. 

Anyway after the episode was recorded, Adam Archer the host asked if we would like to share who we were, and what we are doing in Utah etc, this ended up being an entire episode recording which will be available in the next couple of weeks, this was an amazing opportunity to share our faith, and why we reach out to Mormons with an audience we would never usually get to do so with, a really amazing opportunity. I will do a post with the recording on when this is available.


So all in all, having an amazing time so far, we are currently at Manti, getting involved with some outreach here, more on that later, please keep an eye on what we are doing and pray for us, thanks a lot.

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