Utah 2014 Update 1

Hey all just a quick one. I made it to Utah on Thursday afternoon, should have been Wednesday but had a nightmare at Chicago Airport, where my flight was cancelled due to the thunderstorms there. That’s a first for me and was no fun at all, but got a hotel provided by the airline and got to Salt Lake city with no problems the next day.

This first couple of days has just been spent meeting up with some people. Yesterday (Friday) I met up with Cory Anderson the Pastor of Shadow Mountain Church. This was a great opportunity to hear from him some of the ups and downs of doing ministry in Utah.


Today I am meeting up with Sandra Tanner of Utah Lighthouse ministry and then this evening I am joining Russ East from Utah Partnerships for Christ and a mission team at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.


Please keep praying for me, my first couple of days have been more a settling in period but from tomorrow I will be getting on with more of the witnessing side of things, look forward to providing some updates soon.


I think the ministry highlight of this trip is definitely going to be at the Manti Pageant, I am going to be joining hundreds of Christians there next week, here is a video of ex-Mormon Bishop Lee B Baker witnessing there over the last couple of nights. Very interesting what he does here.




Also if you are in the UK, Lynn and Michael Wilder are still very much in the middle of their speaking tour, its not too late to see them if you are in the York or Bradford areas, more here.

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