6 thoughts on “It’s a miracle there’s ANY forgiveness! A review of Spencer W. Kimball’s The Miracle of Forgiveness”

      1. I am not a Mormon but I have placed myself into the church so as I can see first hand what it is really like. The Mormons think I am from another church on a visit but I write reports on what really goes on behind closed doors. A ward is there term for a church Like if you have a church in Edinburgh and another one in Fife each individual branch of the church. I am placed in on of their branches and I am upset about what I know. I cannot stay in one place for long as they will ask to many questions about where /I come from.


      2. well a ward is the name for a branch of the Mormon church say you lived in Edinburgh Scotland city centre and there was another church in a different part of Edinburgh like Morningside that would be the Morningside ward. The Mormons use sayings like this I am not a Mormon but pretended to be interested in the church so I could do a story on them and a possible TV. program but the level of privacy would make that very hard as no phones are allowed in the church you leave them for lift up on the way out no filming is allowed, and everything I have written here is true if not disturbing. I hope you find a Mormon to speak with if that’s what you want. Good luck and thanks for reading this if anything I do not think I will ever join a church after this.


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