Day 5 of the Mormon Reach out – Review

Day 5 of the Mormon Reach out

Yesterday was one of the best days we have had since being at the Mormon Reach out 2013. Captain Bobby Gilpin may have gone home, but the conversations with the Mormons have still been great. The missionaries stopped again to have chat..


Many others stopped to engage with us….

My beautiful picture

But the highlight was a young man who is desperate to get out of Mormonism. He said he had done his research into Joseph Smith and he could see that clearly Joseph Smith was not of God. He asked how he could leave Mormonism and follow Christ??!!! That was not something I expected or was ready for. We did not force anything on to him, but rather prayed over him that the real Jesus be revealed to him.

We also spoke to someone who is trapped in Mormonism. His family all are members but he disagrees with the teachings. I asked him if he had ever prayed direct to Jesus. He said “no” I asked if he knew Jesus? He said “not sure” – I said “how can you expect to know someone you have never directly spoken to?” I have given him my details and asked to contact me if I can be of any help. It is my hope and prayer that he prayers to Jesus, who is the hearer of prayer. (Psalm 65:2).

We are now getting ready for Day 6 of the reach out, thank-you all for your prayers and a massive thank you to all the people at Chapel House Christian Fellowship in Chorley for all their continued hospitality.

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…And Finally, someone complained yesterday that we where only outside there temple, and why didn’t we go to the Kingdom Hall??? I thought that was a great idea, so I went their today as well 🙂

My beautiful picture

God Bless

5 thoughts on “Day 5 of the Mormon Reach out – Review”

  1. Outstanding!! As much as I would love to be there during this second week its amazing to see that God is totally at work here and drawing people to Himself. To Him be the glory!


  2. I do not understand why all you Evangelicals, or what ever you are, do not go after Jehovah’s Witnesses, Church of Scientology, and even off shoots of Christianity that teach totally different doctrine than mainstream Christianity the way you go after Mormons. I read on these sites about so called “cults” (EV definition of course) but the only one that is targeted is the Mormons.
    Why not go after Jews and Muslims? Oh, yeah, the Muslims will kill you. The JW’s are gaining converts faster than the Mormons, even catching up to the Mormons. So why not do to them what you do to Mormons? Do you stand outside Kingdom Hall’s in protest and hand out pamphlets? No. Do you stand outside of Mosques in protest and hand out pamphlets? No. Do you stand out in front of the Catholic Parishes in protest and hand out pamphlets? No.
    Do you stand out in front of other Christian churches who teach totally different doctrine from mainstream Christianity in protest and hand out pamphlets? No.


  3. Just read your comment JRSG. Thank you.
    Many evangelicals [I count myself as one] have particular knowledge and experience that we feel is appropriate to witness to another special group – especially those who have affiliation to a nineteenth century American foundations and call themselves Christian. Some of these groups profess to have the Bible as their founding scripture and I feel it very important that we discuss fundamental differences as a process of understanding especially when other groups refer to their ‘bible’ which has been re-presented and erroneous – because the consequences are eternal. Where a difference is is quite clear from scripture and therefore at variance with The Word of God it is essential that we get it right Is it not?
    Very often Mormons and JW’s come to me! What a privilege for me. I know quite allot about the Watchtower Society [who call themselves Jehovah’s Witnesses] and their reliance on the Greek Emphatic Diaglott [or its supposed later English derivative] for instance, and the utterances/literature of JW ‘prophets’ of HQ @ Brooklyn, USA. I know ex JW’s so I am reasonably up to date wit their new New World Translation. So I am in a position to discuss from a point of knowledge and show, I believe, that the fundamentals of their faith is man-made, not God led, particular where scripture has been changed to suit the JW philosophy [and their power base!]. Very often the JW’s come to me! What an opportunity! I talk with Roman Catholics, Mormons, Atheists, spiritualists [even those who habitually use God’s name in their expressions] – in fact anyone who will discuss our eternal future. That is very reasonable to me. It’s part of being a Christian. Other evangelicals have ministries among the Muslims locally [they really are not a threat!], Jews etc. and talk about who Jesus is as revealed in scripture – its all there in The Bible for anyone to read.

    So do not be intimidated that your Mormon group is targeted. It is out of concern for you not ridicule! We want you to be saved and spend eternity with Christ. Jesus is the author of our faith and salvation, who said “I am The First and The Last, I am The Living One, I was dead but I am alive for ever and ever and, behold, I hold the keys of death and Hades”. Rev 1 17-18.
    There we have it. Not man, not organisations, not latter-day prophets but Christ. He only has saved us through His cross, not of our own works, but by Grace. It is a message to take to all who are sincerely seeking – and I think you may be one JRSG.


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