British Pageant Night 2 Update


Hi there all we had our 2nd night last night. Lovely hot weather and no rain but actually was a much quieter night. Most people were busing in. Some of us still had some good chats but not as many as when it was pouring down, do we need rain again hmm.


After we had finished witnessing 4 of us put our flyers away and went in and watched the pageant event. It was a very well done sage show portraying British Mormon history. I am not very well read on British Mormon history so I cant critique it too much, however it has been very much noticed that strong reference has been made to Christian reformers such as William Tyndale as being people that helped pave the way for the Mormon restoration.

For us as Christians that are very aware that Tyndale would have been in mass disagreement with Mormon Doctrine it seems like quite a liberty to draw on him so strongly in an event about Mormon history. Though I do appreciate that they are not saying he held Mormon beliefs.

There was also of course no mention of Polygamy, my understanding is that many British converts that moved to the USA ended up being in polygamous marriages.

Chris Ralph is currently writing an interesting series on Mormon British history please keep an eye on this blog for more of those to come.

So anyway we are back out tonight, please pray for us that we have a busier night with some more Mormons to talk to us.

I have been looking around some facebook groups and noticed that we are very much being reffered to as the “Protesters”. This is totally understandable, however if any LDS guys are reading this please understand we are not there to protest. We are there simply to share with you the Bibical Jesus centered, grace filled gospel.

We are not interested in protesting against this event, nor Mormonism as a whole, what would be the point in that? However lovingly sharing the gospel with people, well I see a lot of point in that.

Christians PLEEEESE keep praying for us Mormons please stop and say hi to us.

2 thoughts on “British Pageant Night 2 Update”

  1. I grew up in Provo UT totally immersed in mormonism, married a returned missionary in the Manti Temple, educated at Mormon schools & university. This was in the 40’s & 50’s when the Mormon church completely separated itself from anything Christian. On facebook you can read my testimony of leaving mormonism and coming to faith in the real Jesus Christ: Edy Meredith Testimony Therefore, it makes me very angry to see the mormon church claiming to be Christian. What they really mean is that the LDS church is the ONLY Christian Church on earth. How bogus!


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