Update on First Night at The British Pageant.


Hi all we had a great first night last night .It absolutely poured down, however the guys running the pageant event were good enough to give us a gazebo to use.


And in a sense that kind of represented the atmosphere for the night, it was a very pleasant positive time. We had LOADS of conversations with LDS people who stopped and talked to us even despite it pouring down.



You can see here a few of our guys getting soaked while talking to attendees. We had a chance to challenge many people on the need to trust in Christ and Christ alone for their salvation.


We also had quite a few missionaries in the area that we spoke to as well.

I was amazed by how many people were stopping to speak to us even despite the horrible weather, I think they were curious about what we were doing particlarly with this being a first for all of us having this type of event in the uk. Heres hoping we get even more tonight, thanks for praying and please, please keep doing so.


One thought on “Update on First Night at The British Pageant.”

  1. Right now, the LDS leadership sees you all as the little flea on the Elephant (LDS). Just wait until they perceive that you are the advance guard in the Lord’s army. Please keep us informed. Edy at Los Angeles, CA, USA



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