Welcome to Mormonism Investigated

Hi there thank you for dropping along to this blog. I am Bobby and have been studying the LDS (Latter-Day Saint) Church for around 9 years now and have found time and time again that the people in the church are fantastic devoted sincere people, and I have a great love for all of the people in the church.

As well as this the more I have looked into the background of the church, whether it is how their faith measures against the bible, whether their history is all the church claims it to be, or whether the evidence is there for all of the things they believe happened I have found problems.

This blog is for anyone whether you are Mormon, Mainstream Christian, another faith background or you don’t believe anything much, to have a look and decide for yourself whether there is any truth to what I am saying.

There are so many sites and blogs out there doing the same thing so it can be easy to think why another one?

This blog is one of the very few based in England and while it is here for anyone it is here specifically for anyone in the UK to have a look and hopefully some discussion with someone who doesn’t live on the other side of the world.

My intention is to look at various things with written posts and some youtube videos looking at things like the Book of Mormon, the Mormon Testimony, Joseph Smith as well as many other key areas.

I will always endeavor to provide links as to where my information is from and would ask anyone to look into anything I say for themselves and decide whether there is any truth in it.

I am a Born Again Christian and will look at things from that perspective, however I will seek to provide information that anyone can take away and find useful regardless of your perspective.

So please enjoy and make comments and discuss anything on here.

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